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The Basics

Get up and running with Sage Intelligence in no time! This playlist is dedicated to getting you started and helping you make the most of the basic features in Sage Intelligence.

Beyond the Basics

You have the basics covered, and now it’s time to take your cloud reports to the next level. To give you an idea of the features provided for you to do this, as well as to inspire you and reveal what could be possible when customizing your reports, check out this playlist.

Have you identified the need for a customized cloud report that you have to create from scratch? 

When you have identified the need for a specific report that is not available, there may be the odd occasion that you need to create it from scratch. We have provided you with great features that will allow you to easily create the report you need— all you have to do is identify what needs to be reported on, and how you want to see it. We’ve also discovered that a lot of customers create reports in the cloud, and then download them into Excel to further customize and add value to them using PivotTables and PivotCharts. In this playlist, you’ll learn how to create these specific reports in the cloud.

Report Writing Series

This series will help get you up-to-speed with your report writing skills. As your smart reporting solution constantly evolves and improves, this playlist will ensure that you understand just how you can provide additional services to your clients using the latest report writing techniques.