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Exciting news! Your Sage Intelligence has a fresh new look.

We’ve made navigating Sage Intelligence simpler and faster than ever before.

New to Sage Intelligence? Learn how reporting can help you.

Do you want to have a better understanding of how your company/customers are doing? This playlist will equip you with the necessary skills you need to run out the ready-to-use reports and get a better understanding of your business, helping you discover how Sage Intelligence can help you make better business decisions.

Add that personalized touch to your reports, by customizing your report with your company / clients details.

The ready-to-use reports that come shipped with your Sage Intelligence solution are great to use and get the information you need from your business. However, you may want to tweak them slightly by adding a logo, changing the report header to include the company name, or whatever else you want to do to personalize the report for your company/customer. This playlist shows you how to tackle this task.

Want to drill down on an Account Category to see what that category is made up of? Learn how to easily do this in this playlist. 

There are two ways you can drill down into an Account Category. You can either change the settings when you run the report to show account level details, or you can download the report into Excel and drill down from there. This playlist guides you through both methods so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

Report on your business in an environment you know and love, with Sage Intelligence Excel reports.

In this playlist, you’ll learn how to log into the Task Pane and update your Excel reports. You’ll also discover how you can drill down into the Sage Intelligence formulas.
Logging into the Excel Report Designer | Changing the report parameters | Dealing with missing accounts from layouts

Can’t find the report you need in the Financial Report folder? This playlist shows you how to create it using the Quick Create feature. 

If you’re looking for a report with a specific column and row set-up, and can’t find it in the financial report folder, you can create it yourself using the Quick Create report function. Here you can use already-defined columns and rows to create the report you want, quickly and easily. What’s more is that you can then edit that report to further meet your requirements and then save the column and row set-up to reuse the next time you Quick Create a report.

Wanting to share your customized reports with others? Well you can, quickly and easily, with the Export Report function

You’ve customized your reports to provide further value to your company/customer, but how do you share them with your colleagues/customers so that they can run the report out themselves? This is done by exporting the report into a .repdef file format. Watch this playlist to discover how to do this.

If you’re interested in tweaking your reports to view more details, this playlist is for you!

You have the basics covered, and now it’s time to take your cloud reports to the next level. To give you an idea of the features provided for you to do this, as well as to inspire you and reveal what could be possible when customizing your reports, check out this playlist.

Have you identified the need for a customized cloud report that you have to create from scratch? 

When you have identified the need for a specific report that is not available, there may be the odd occasion that you need to create it from scratch. We have provided you with great features that will allow you to easily create the report you need— all you have to do is identify what needs to be reported on, and how you want to see it. We’ve also discovered that a lot of customers create reports in the cloud, and then download them into Excel to further customize and add value to them using PivotTables and PivotCharts. In this playlist, you’ll learn how to create these specific reports in the cloud.

Do you need to group your reports together or create a pack of management reports?

We want to make life easier for you, so we have created a Management Pack report where you can group multiple ready-to-use reports or customized reports in one report. This allows you to enter the parameters of the report once and in the report viewer you will be able to review all the grouped reports by flicking through the tab at the bottom of the web browser. In this playlist, you are given a few different ways to create and use Management Packs.

Using the functionality of Excel and the Report Designer, you can now take your financial reports to the next level!

Want to learn how to create financial reports in Excel from scratch? This playlist helps you do just that! Using the powerful features of Excel and the Excel Report Designer, you’ll be taking your reports to the next level. However, we still suggest you use Excel and the Task Pane if you’re looking to create reports with specific requirements. This playlist was created because a few accountants/customers want to be able to add additional information to their reports that may be kept outside of Sage Accounting. Following this playlist empowers you to interact with both.

Interested in which sales reports you have access to? Discover the operational reports found under our Excel templates.

We offer you three Excel workbooks that provide you with sales related reports, which you will find on our Sage Intelligence website. Over and above this, we have also given you the ability to create your own reports using the APIs that we have available. So whether you use our ready-to-use reports, or create your own from scratch, this playlist will help you get started.

Take your report to the next level using Excel and Sage Intelligence! This playlist shows you how.

Want to make your reports more effective and user-friendly? Check out this playlist and discover how to use the Task Pane and Excel to their full potential.

Sage Intelligence Adviser Series

This series was created for advisors to upskill their report writing skills using Sage Intelligence. Because our product is constantly improving and upgrading, this playlist keeps you updated, and helps you understand how Sage Intelligence can add value to you and your clients.

Explore what’s new in Sage Intelligence with this playlist!

This playlist has been created to keep you in-the-know on what’s new in Sage Intelligence, and to reveal what’s coming next. Stay up-to-date with this playlist as we take you through our product and show you the great new features we’re adding to every new version of Sage Intelligence.