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Sharing your reports – what are your options?

You have a few options when it comes to sharing reports. A great idea is to automate the running of certain reports and then its important to understand which format to send them in. These are some of the tools that are covered in this playlist. 

What are the benefits of using dashboards to get a better understanding of your information?

By using the additional reports provided to you by Sage Intelligence, its easy to create a quick health check of your business data. Financial and operational dashboards provide insight into whats going on in your business.

The Intelligence Reporting Report Designer Add-in

The Report Designer Add-In which is available to you from version 2012 and has been enhanced to provide additional features to the users using it. From version 2014 It provides you with a way to create your reports from scratch using the Task Pane and the Layout Generator. This playlist will take you through the features added over the years.

Tailor your financial reports with these great features

The Financial Report Designer has many great features to keep your reports interactive and updated. Use the Missing Accounts feature to identify any missing accounts, and Reporting Trees which allow you to filter your reports by configurable account rules. In this playlist, you will learn how you can use account ranges, mathematical functions and wildcards to report on relevant accounts only. 

Gearing up with Sally

You have a handle on your numbers, now it’s time to get creative.

In the first Sally series, you were interactively led through the basic financial reporting capabilities of Sage Intelligence Reporting.  This second installment covers new topics and kicks it up a gear, as Sally guides you towards painting a more revealing picture of your data.  You learn this using the features of the Financial Report Designer and creative reporting techniques that include Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts and dashboards.

Have you identified the need for a customized Sage 300cloud report that you have to create from scratch? 

When you have identified the need for a specific report that is not available, there may be the odd occasion that you need to create it from scratch. We have provided you with great features that will allow you to easily create the report you need— all you have to do is identify what needs to be reported on, and how you want to see it. We’ve also discovered that a lot of customers create reports in the cloud, and then download them into Excel to further customize and add value to them using PivotTables and PivotCharts. In this playlist, you’ll learn how to create these specific reports in the cloud.