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Management Pack

Explore how to use Sage Intelligence to generate management packs, which include a collection of reports and other important information that is vital for informed decision making. You can use the standard management pack, or make it your own with custom reports, notes, and formatting.

The Basics

Get up and running with Sage Intelligence in no time! This playlist is dedicated to getting you started and helping you make the most of the basic features in Sage Intelligence.

Beyond the Basics

You have the basics covered, and now it’s time to take your cloud reports to the next level. To give you an idea of the features provided for you to do this, as well as to inspire you and reveal what could be possible when customizing your reports, check out this playlist.

Empower yourself with interactive financial dashboards.

Knowledge is power, and with the new financial dashboards for Sage Business Cloud Accounting, all the business intelligence you need to make smart business decisions is at your fingertips. Come explore each of the dashboards with us, and discover how they can help you spend less time crunching the numbers, and more time doing what you do best.

Prefer Excel? The Excel Report Designer enables you to work with your reports in your favorite environment.

Apart from designing and editing reports using the Online Report Designer, you’re also able to download them to Microsoft Excel. Through the use of the Excel Report Designer, you can also edit or even create new ones there. With this playlist, you’ll learn how to open your reports in Excel, access the Excel Report Designer, and use its features to work with your reports. 

Understanding Sage Intelligence report series

You most likely start out in business following your passion, and while this will take you far—it can only get you to a certain point.  To take things further, you need to be more proactive when making informed decisions about things like profit, which products are and aren’t selling, keeping an eye on your team, and managing the vital financial aspects of your company.  Sage Intelligence is the solution you need to take your business further. In this series, we take a look at creating custom and detailed financial reports, and how to export and edit those reports in Excel. We also take you through the steps of building a management pack report, and finally, show you how to share your work with others.